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HeatShield is a repair system that restores damaged chimney flue tiles to their original integrity.
It offers chimney professionals a versatile alternative to stainless steel relining and other repair methods.

Join hundreds of other sweeps around the country and add the HeatShield chimney repair system to your arsenal.

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Installer Application Video

This video shows the complete installation process for a HeatShield resurfacing job.

Video for Homeowners

This embeddable video is for educating homeowners on the HeatShield process.


  • Mark Stoner
    In my opinion this is hands down the best product to hit our industry in the past 15 years. We did about 175 jobs last year. The product works as advertised. We’ve found it to be extremely profitable, easy to sell and apply.
    Mark Stoner
    Ashbuster's Chimney
  • Rich Martinez
    We found HeatShield to be a quality product and easy to use. It’s allowed us to repair flues that were even impossible to reline. We’ve successfully repaired flues with severe offsets and 4” gaps between flue tiles.
    Rich Martinez
    Leonard & Son's
  • Cliff Slagle
    “This has been a great tool for us. We’ve won bids we would not have been able to get otherwise, because a stainless steel liner simply priced the job out of reach for some of our customers. We picked up 10 HeatShield jobs on a mailing to customers that we had bid for relines over a year ago. The learning curve is easy and the product has been very profitable for us.
    Cliff Slagle
    Clean Sweeps of Michigan, Inc.
  • Dave Clift
    “I was very pleased with my first experience with your product, HeatShield. It was extremely user-friendly. I was a little concerned before we started our first attempt with this product, but was extremely pleased with how well the material was to work with. It went as easy as in our training class if not easier. We arrived on the job at 8:00 a.m. and were done by 1:00 p.m., which included our clean up time and a crown repair.”
    Dave Clift
    Beck's Chimney
  • Bart Ogden
    HeatShield has given our business a new dimension. It has allowed us to offer an effective repair that’s not overkill for some jobs. Blowing out tile and relining does not always serve the customers best interest. HeatShield is easy to work with and has excellent (profit) margins. We are able to do multiple jobs in a day.
    Bart Ogden
    Home Safe Hearth & Chimney
  • Charlie Quaile
    This product hit’s the nail on the head. It’s been a major business transforming product for us. I’ve been really impressed with product development and testing that’s gone into it. With HeatShield I’ve been re-energized to scan every flue we clean or inspect. I now have the confidence that we can fix almost anything that comes up. It allows us to serve the customer's best interest by offering options that even liners may not solve.
    Charlie Quaile
    Chimney’s Plus